Ask. Believe. Receive. Journal
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TOO BUSY FOR “ME TIME”? Let’s change that. Journaling is an incredibly easy + sustainable self-care practice. Our beautiful journals are perfect for yourself or excellent as a gift. Each journal is produced with love and embossed with the mantra “Ask. Believe. Receive.” — the three necessary steps to create meaningful change in life. The Fierce Clarity journal is designed to help you reconnect with yourself + move in the direction of your best life. You’ll dig within, find clarity, and finally develop that journaling practice you’ve been meaning to get to!

Details + Care

Our journals are produced by the Time of Day calendar company — a third-generation female-run publishing house that continues the legacy of the late Anne Rogul. Anne, a mother + grandmother, founded the company 40 years ago and dared to dream big during a time when women in business weren’t only rare, but discouraged. This company embodies the Fierce Clarity spirit!

Our beautiful journal features a pocket on the inside back cover, a satin ribbon bookmark, and an elastic privacy closure.

Style Tips

What's your vibe -- Mixed or Matched? Preppy or Luxe? Street or Sporty? Take the FC STYLE QUIZ and discover how to make FC ACTIVE your own!

Why FC?
Cool + Chic

FC Active was designed to be styled to match your vibe and keep you looking cool + chic. The FC Fam is full of busy, ambitious, active baddies & your activewear should fit YOU!

Made in LA

FC Active is created, manufactured, and designed with intention in Los Angeles. We are thoughtful about fabric we source, the finishes of our garments, and our messaging.