12 Days of You Journaling Challenge

Danielle Richardson December 05, 2023


Create Time for Yourself

Join the Fierce Clarity community for our annual "12 Days of You" journal challenge! Beginning December 12, we'll embark on a 12-day email journey to refocus on ourselves + create powerful intentions for the New Year!

As we end 2023, we want everyone to make time for self-care. We want you to create space in your schedule for much needed #METIME! This challenge is designed to help you reconnect with yourself + move in the direction of your best life.

Journaling relieves stress + anxiety. It provides a safe space to write your goals, wishes, aspirations, and inspirations. It allows you to connect the dots and most of all — it helps you get in touch with your true, authentic self.

Join us for 12 days of diving deep! Each day you'll receive a email with a journal prompt + goodies to help you create magic in your life. ✨


What are The Benefits of Journaling?

Fierce Clarity Glow Up Journal

 Stress Relief -- Your journal = your outlet. Journaling can alleviate stress on the go. It's an easy + simple way to positively cope with our stressful lives.

Clarity -- Putting the pen to paper allows you to get clear about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It's a sacred time to honor + observe where you are each day.

Self-Awareness -- Journaling helps you get to know + understand yourself. Self-awareness is the key to understanding your desires to manifest the life of your dreams!


Self-Care Isn't Selfish

The ultimate self-care is creating time in the day just for YOU! Through our "12 Days of You" journal challenge you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity + set intentions for 2024
  • Get to know yourself + inner desires
  • Create a new + healthy habit

You don't need a Glow Up Journal to participate -- but it will def help you dive a bit deeper!

Glow Up Journal