5 Tips To Get Back In Shape

Danielle Richardson October 24, 2022

Life is cyclical. The same way spring follows winter and the tides rise and fall — so too does our motivation. There are periods in the year when you are less active and other times when you’re more active.

As winter ends, many of us find ourselves exiting hibernation and returning to more active lifestyles. I find its best to treat getting back in shape as it’s own process — no need to beat yourself up or compare yourself to others. Instead, take this time to refocus on yourself and recommit to taking care of your body!

Below, find my top 5 Tips to Get Back In Shape.

Find Your Why

What is the point of getting in shape? Why do you even care? Do you want to be healthier? Feel better? Lose a few pounds? Reverse a health condition? Clarity around your why makes it easier to commit. Additionally, knowing your why provides motivation on the days when you’d rather skip your workout. Your why doesn’t have to be something you publicize — but get clear about it and write it down in your journal or on a post-it note where you’ll see it daily. Your why = your fuel!

Set Duration + Frequency Goals

The easiest way to get back into shape is to commit to working out for a set amount of time for a specific number of days. My sweet spot is 30 minutes 4x per week. This feels like a doable commitment for me. It also gives me the flexibility to squeeze a workout in before work or in the middle of the day. While 60 minutes is ideal, I’m personally more apt to skip or find an excuse about time. Experiment with different intervals 30, 60, and 90 minutes and find the duration that works for you.

Focus on Variety

Mix it up! Workouts get boring when we do the same thing every day. Experiment with different times of day and different types of workouts. Find new workout classes and give them a try with your friends instead of heading to drinks. Opt for the gym some days and others work out at home (try out our Fierce Clarity Yoga!). Variety in your workouts makes staying committed easier. You can use apps like Classpass or New Student Specials at studios to find new classes!

Be As Active As Possible

Find simple ways to be more active. Always opt for the stairs. Park a little further away at the grocery store. Take your dog or little nugget for a longer walk. Focus on being active as a part of your lifestyle. Working out + being active can provide energy and help you feel more focused. An easy hack is to use technology to monitor your daily steps and commit to increasing that number.

Make The Investment

Spend the money honey! It’s easy to make excuses that gym memberships, healthy food, or workout classes are expensive but that’s not true. Expensive is relative. Make your health a priority! Your body is a temple so treat it like one. Don’t be afraid to invest in your fitness + wellbeing. Apps like Classpass can decrease your overall monthly workout class spend and eating at home plant-based meals can be cheaper than eating processed foods + ordering delivery. If you're short on time, invest in plant-based delivery services like SAKARA where you can save 20% on your 1st order with code "FIERCECLARITY".