Creating Opportunities aka Manifestation 101

Danielle Richardson January 02, 2023

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.” – Shakti Gawain

We are each responsible for our lives. In the past few years, I’ve created change for myself because I ask for what I want and I’m willing to do the work to get it. When I was younger I didn’t understand this was a power we were capable of cultivating but we all possess the ability to change our lives and create new opportunities for ourselves.

I consider myself lucky because for as long as I can remember I've known this and truly believed that I deserved to have what I want. I’ve internalized the American idea that says you can be or do anything. I’ve always taken “No” as a suggestion and believed that I’m the exception to every rule.

But a few years ago, I was burnt out from optometry school and desperately searching for a better way to live. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I was reading a lot of self-help books and I learned the language around manifestation. When I first watched The Secret and got into the Law of Attraction I felt like it was amazing but incomplete. It wasn’t until I listened to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale that it began to make sense. Manifestation is a result of thoughts + effort. It isn’t esoteric, but more of a natural law.

I realized you’re always rewarded for having the audacity to dream big and pursue your goals. Manifestation is setting a goal and working towards it, not waiting for it to come to you. It’s deliberately creating a single-minded focus and taking action to make it happen. It’s seeking out the necessary knowledge and the people who can help you.

No one gave me permission to start Fierce Clarity, but I made the decision it could happen and believed it would be so. We are all capable of manifesting our ideas into reality! Below, find the most important steps to create new opportunities for yourself.

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Believe You Can

You have to believe you can have what you want. Our main issue is subconsciously we don’t think certain opportunities are possible for us. We’re hyper-practical + realistic and can’t see a clear, easy path from A to Z. Deep down we yearn for more but we stay put because we don’t want to fail or don’t know where to start. I believe desires are God-given. Those small ideas that you can’t get rid of are the key to finding fulfillment and creating your opportunity. You don’t have to share your desires or dreams with everyone, but you do have to be honest with yourself and honor them. The first step is to cultivate self-confidence and believe that you can do, be, or have your desires + that your goal is possible for you. I always teach people to start small. When beginning to work with exceeding your limiting beliefs, it’s better to focus what feels “attainable”.  As you achieve the small goals, you give yourself permission to dream the bigger dreams. Put your mind to it and believe you can.

Be Bold in Your Ask

“You have not because you ask not”.  Once you know what you want, you have to ask for opportunities. Maybe you ask for more responsibility at work or you ask your friend how to start a blog. You have to have the courage to step outside of the box. It’s difficult to speak your dreams and desires out loud but no man is an island and you’ll need help. Commit to your spiritual practice of prayer, meditation, or simply asking for clarity on the next steps. Be strategic with sharing your ideas. I make a habit of sharing my goals + visions with people I meet who may be able to help me. I was initially nervous people would make fun or think my ideas were dumb. On the contrary, I’ve found most people are receptive and are eager to help because I’m projecting the energy of my intentions. Cultivate the ability to speak affirmatively and be confident in asking for what you want.

Stay Woke

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho

In creating new opportunities aka manifesting what you want there will be a latency period. Outwardly, things will not appear to be happening in the natural world but trust that things are happening in the supernatural world. You’ll have to have faith that The Universe is conspiring on your behalf. Opportunities and help are coming your way, but you have to be receptive. You’ll have to pay attention to the synchronicities, signs, people that are all hand delivered to you. By staying awake and aware, you’ll start to notice tides turning in your favor. During this period, you’ll also have to do the work required make your vision a reality; you get out what you put in. This period can be challenging and many people will get discouraged and give up on themselves. Don’t. We are co-creators of our reality but we don’t have the final say. We can’t dictate the timeline or what the journey will look like but we can decide to stay on the path.

Never be afraid to fall. Embrace your journey and understand it will never be linear. It’s easy to stay stagnant and comfortable but what’s the fun in that?!