The #FCGlowUp Challenge

Danielle Richardson March 21, 2023


 Inspired by the "75 Hard" program, we're going to do a modified version to get ready for Summer. The point of our "75 Day FC Glow Up" Challenge is to have fun and create accountability around our health + wellness goals! 
We're getting back in shape and it's important to find a BFF to do this with! You two can customize the 75-day plan work for you -- change the diet, change the duration, change the workout times. But whatever you decide, I want you to COMMIT!
Our 💫 75 Day Glow Up 💫 Includes:
  • Diet of Your Choice: We're Doing Plant-Based!
  • Two (2)  45-Min Workouts 6 Days/Week
    • Walking Counts As A Workout
  • Drink One (1)  Gallon of Water
  • Daily Progress Pic
  • Ten (10) Pages of Book or Minutes of Journaling

We started on Monday March 20 because 75 Days = ~10 Weeks = The Time between Spring and Memorial Day! It doesn't matter when you start your challenge, just make a choice to START! Will tomorrow be Day One or will you keep saying One Day?! YOU DECIDE!