Ways To Improve Metabolism

Danielle Richardson April 05, 2023

Metabolism is a word to describe the body's natural process of converting nutrients to energy. The many myths around metabolism make it confusing but this post is here to clear things up!

I'm currently on a health + wellness journey so I'm hyper fixating on ways to optimize my metabolism to ensure my body is digesting + processing my food. In doing some research, I found a lot of great info.

Top Myths About Metabolism

    • Skinny People Have a Faster Metabolism: Muscle is the biggest indicator of metabolism speed. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism.
    • Eating More Often Speeds Metabolism: The quality and the quantity of which foods you eat have a bigger impact on metabolism than how often you eat.
    • You Have No Control Over Metabolism: This is false! You are not born with a metabolism that can not be changed are improved. 

Ways to Improve Metabolism

There are simple things you can do to speed up and improve your metabolism.

  • Build More Muscle: Add in weights + strength training to your workouts to build more muscle as body composition has a huge impact on metabolism.¹
  • Stay Hydrated With Water: Water can have a positive effect on regulating the metabolism of the whole body. Not only does drinking water keep you hydrated, it can potentially help burn more calories as well.²
  • Sleep More: The less sleep you get, the less your body is able to regulate blood sugar which can lead to an increase in hunger hormones. Sleep more to regulate your metabolism.³
  • Eat More Protein: People who eat more protein burn more energy at rest than those who don’t.⁴
  • Drink Metabolism Supporting Drinks: Green Tea has been shown to metabolism improving effects. As does the Metabolism Powder from Sakara. You can add the powder into coffee, smoothies, or treats to give your metabolism an extra daily boost. You can save 20% on your 1st SAKARA order with code "XOFIERCECLARITY". ⁵




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