What is a “High Vibration” & Why Should I Care?

Danielle Richardson February 08, 2023

You’ve seen it a million times on Pinterest and Instagram. A colorful background with the words “Good Vibes Only” or “High Vibrational Living”. What does that even mean? What is a vibe? What is a high vibration? WHY SHOULD I CARE?

The word vibe is short for vibration and everything made of energy has a vibration. Quantum Physics is illustrating this in modern times, but you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the basics. If you take a walk down science class memory lane, you may remember the idea of atoms and molecules coming together to make the matter states solids, liquids, and gas. The smallest unit, an atom, is made of energy and is constantly vibrating. If all matter is made of atoms, then all matter is made of energy and constantly vibrating. With this idea as the framework, you can understand how everything has a vibrational frequency.

Getting too science-y for you? Think about it this way; You can’t see wifi but you can pick it up on your devices. You walk into a room and you don’t feel the vibration of the wifi but it is around you and your devices can match it’s vibrational frequency. We are energy in a sea of energy surrounded by different vibrational frequencies. We’re constantly receiving and transmitting these vibrations or “vibes”.

When you walk into a room and it “feels weird”, you’ve picked up its vibe. When you talk to a person an instantly hit it off and connect, you’ve matched with their vibe.

Vibration is never a steady state, it is constantly changing. Our vibes can shift with our mood, health, strength, personal choices, and via the energy we surround ourselves with. Higher frequencies/vibrations are associated with gratitude, love, joy, spending time in nature, sunshine, yoga, raw whole foods, beautiful music etc. Lower vibrations come from envy, jealousy, toxic people, toxic relationships, electronics, arguments, violence, junk food, drugs and alcohol, resentment, anger, etc.

The idea of high vibrational living centers around adding more positive vibrations to life in order to raise your personal vibration. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency, you feel better, lighter, full of love, happy, and experience a greater sense of self to name a few.

The power of being human is that we can choose our vibes. We can choose if we’d like to vibrate higher or lower than our current state. Would I like to be in a good mood or would I like to be annoyed? Will today be a good day or will today be miserable? These simple shifts in attitude can have a profound impact on our vibes. Consciously choosing our vibration is a MAJOR KEY to living a happy and healthy life.

Everything we consume affects our vibe so be mindful of where your food comes from, what you’re listening to, and how much you’re drinking. Pay attention to the images you watch, the people you spend time with, and what you’re taking in.

We control who or what vibes/energy we allow in our space. We can decide to let in the good or let in the bad. I don’t know about you, but I’m choosing GOOD. VIBES. ONLY.