Your Guide To The Fall Equinox

Danielle Richardson September 22, 2022

The fall equinox marks the period of transition between Summer & Fall in the Western Hemisphere. On the day of the Equinox, morning and night are the same length. After the Equinox, the days become shorter as we head towards winter. During this time, we celebrate the final days of summer as we look towards Winter + cooler temperatures!

Each season, our bodies need different support as we experience transition. Just as the leaves will change colors and be released during Fall, so too should you release anything you need during this season. During the Fall, our bodies need grounding + immune support. It’s a time to go within and be reflective of the abundant summer/spring and create a vision for your Fall + Winter.

Below are some ideas for how to use the energy of the Fall Equinox to support your transition into fall.

1. Journaling

Take some time for yourself and go within to ask the following questions:

  • What abundance did I experience during Summer?
  • What am I looking forward to about Fall?
  • What do I need to release to move forward -- physically, mentally, and spiritually?

2. Grounding Yoga Glass

Utilize the practice of yoga to help you slow down and turn inward. Try out this 15-minute beginner friendly yoga class to help you feel grounded + centered.

3. Detox your Mind + Body

The FC Fam does a Detox every Spring + Fall. This Fall, we’ll be detoxing together for one week beginning Monday 10/2 - Sunday 10/8! Subscribe to our newsletter for details as we'll send you all the info needed to get ready + have a successful Detox!

Fierce Clarity Detox

4. Support Immune System With Supplements

We all know our immune systems need support during the changing seasons. Check out some of our FC Fav retailers for supplements to keep you healthy during this season.

  • SAKARA -- Detox Water, Detox Tea, and the Reset meal programs are our favs. Save 20% off your first order with code "XOFierceClarity"
  • FLOW WATER -- Hydration, hydration, hydration! Flow waters are a FC stable to make hydration easy. The bottles also contain no plastic so good for the environment as well! Save 20% with "FierceClarity20"
  • 8GREENS -- The easiest way to get your daily greens + minerals. 8Greens makes effervescent tablets + gummies that allow you to take your greens on the go! Save 15% with code "FIERCECLARITY15"