10 Day Glow Up Challenge

Danielle Richardson August 07, 2023


It's time for Round 2! This spring, we embarked on a 75 Day #FCGLOWUP Challenge and we're going to run it back for a "10 Day FC Glow Up" Challenge! As we end Summer, let's come together to reset, have fun, and create accountability around our health + wellness goals! 
By the end of the Summer, you might be feeling bloated, sluggish, or just a little sick after enjoying yourself and the abundance of the Season. Give yourself the gift of a reset and commit to 10 days wellness for your mind + body + spirit! You'll end the challenge with more energy, confidence, and a glow that comes from within -- why wouldn't you join us?!

Our Free  💫 10 Day Glow Up 💫 Challenge -- 
Beginning Monday August 14, for 10 days we'll commit to the following:
  • One (1) 45-Min Workout for 8/10 days
  • 5-10K Daily Step Count for 10 Days 
  • Healthy Diet of Your Choice
  • Drink One (1) Gallon of Water
  • Ten (10) Minutes of Journaling with daily Glow Up Journal Email Prompt
  • Daily support + connection via our Geneva Group Chat!

For 10 days, you'll receive an email with a Glow Up Journal prompt to keep you inspired and on track! While you don't need a Glow Up Journal to do the challenge, it's definitely recommended to help you continue your journey after the 10 Days!

Whether you're headed back to school, back from vacay, or just looking to get refocused -- we're here for you! Commit to yourself and let's GLOW UP together August 14 - August 23 :)