Become Your Own Body Goals

Danielle Richardson May 04, 2023

In the digital age we are constantly bombarded with images of perfect bodies and perfect people. This can have 2 effects —- it can inspire us or it can discourage us. More often than not, we lean towards discouragement because we are comparing ourselves.

Instead of comparing yourself to a likely edited picture you see online and wanting to be like that person — BECOME YOUR OWN BODY GOALS! We each are unique and our ideal healthy body is going to look different from person to person. You may be comparing yourself to a body type very different from yours or someone who has genetics that you don’t have.

Focus On YOUR Transformation 

Chapter 2 of The Glow Up Journal focuses on the foods, workouts, and supplements you need to treat your body as a temple. Becoming your own body goals is about committing to YOUR fitness journey. Think of the body as clay and yourself as the sculptor. You can transform your body in any way you want! The key to find motivation from within and not from comparison.

We’ve been doing our modified 75 Day FC Glow Up and it’s been incredible! I used a version of myself a few years ago as inspiration and that is the body I’m working towards. Focusing on my own body and not anyone else’s is how I’m able to see results and enjoy the process of transformation!

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I share these pics as a reminder that anything is possible with discipline and hard work. I’m not always in shape and that’s okay! If you’re feeling out of shape or ready to get fit again, I’m going to share my top tips below but remember — take what you need and leave what you don’t. You know your body best!

Top Tips for Body Transformation

Commit to a Program

This Spring, the FC Fam has been doing a modified version of the 75 Hard program. You don’t have to do it as long as us, but it’s important to commit to a program because transformation requires structure. It allows you to plan ahead for your workouts etc and makes it easier to stick to it for the length of time required to see true transformation. Work with a trainer to balance your workout program for your goals or use an online program. I did the PIYO/T25 online program via Beachbody On Demand during the pandemic and it was my most significant body transformation. The structure of a program will help you reach your goals!

Focus on Digestion

Body transformation starts from within! We all have gut issues because the modern Western diet is full of chemicals and non-real foods. Healing your gut is going to be a very individualized journey but there’s an activity on Gut Health in The Glow Up Journal (page 38) to guide you! My top tips are focus on only eating real food —fruits, veggies, and high quality animal protein. Additionally, add in probiotics and fermented foods to help your gut flora. Last but not least, make sure you’re pooping every day. Magnesium supplements at night have really helped me consistently eliminate each AM!

Don’t Eat After 8PM

This is a game changer! Our bodies need time to digest food before bed so that it can use energy for rejuvenation while sleeping. Many of us eat late at night and our bodies are digesting food instead of healing while we sleep. Intermittent fasting is successful because it gives the body a break. I see the biggest transformation in my body when I eat an early, hearty dinner and just drink liquids in the evening.

Track It All

Tracking keeps you accountable. My main goal was weight loss so I switched to a scale that tracks your weight in an app and I began using an app called GPlans to track my nutrition. These 2 changes jumpstarted my progress because all of a sudden I was cheating less on my diet because I didn’t want to track it lolol. You don’t have to do the same things I’m doing but it’s important to track your progress towards your goals. Track your weight, nutrition, and take progress pictures too!

Get Good Sleep

If you pay attention you’ll notice you’re more bloated, irritable, and hangry when you don’t get enough sleep. If you want to transform your body, you have to SLEEP! Adequate sleep is defined as 7-9 hours. Sleep is the time your system is doing a reboot. If you have trouble sleeping, try creating a bed time routine — magnesium or melatonin supplements, warm your digital device screens, and get in the bed at the same time nightly to train your body.

Stop Drinking + Eating Dessert

Alcohol and sugar cause inflammation in your body and that isn’t the transformation we’re looking for. However, so much of our social lives revolve around drinking and going out to eat and we can’t be hermits. What do we do?! The trick is to find healthy alternatives. I drink a lot of flavored sparkling waters at home instead of having a cocktail with my fiance and when out at restaurants I’ll order a hot tea, latte, or just do a hot water because it gives me something to sip while my friends drink. And when you cheat, remember this little adage “dessert or wine — never both”.

Increase Your Active Minutes

If you wan’t to transform and sculpt your body, you’re going to have to move it! Focus on walking more and increasing your step count. Also increase how many workouts you’re doing per week. I love Classpass for finding new workout classes and I also swear by Beachbody On Demand.

Remember, your journey is your own so COMMIT TO BEING YOUR OWN BODY GOALS THIS SUMMER!